The transportation of goods is not only a central element of our region’s economic development, it is fundamental to the success of almost every business. Gateway Logistics understands our clients’ needs in this important area. We have a deep-rooted experience in distributing our clients’ brand, using the safest, most efficient and cost-effective methods of transport, throughout the United Kingdom. We act as an integral part of our client’s organisation, knowing that its success and profitability directly affects our own.

With our extensive range of temperature controlled vehicles and highly skilled team, products are delivered following the principles of ‘Just in Time,’ (JIT). This enables our client to optimise its inventory holding and therefore, costs. The milk-run is no longer the expensive logistical nightmare.

We are able to manage the most complex distribution chain, from the point of docking at the port, to the end user. We can remove the burden of that time-consuming logistics function from our clients’ complex distribution environments, allowing them to sleep sound in the knowledge that their product is in safe hands.

Reverse Logistics

Gateway Logistics are experts in Reverse Logistics, the process of moving a product (or parts thereof) from its point of consumption to the point of origin.

We have tried systems and processes in place, to make reverse logistics run faster and smoother, adding further value to the supply chain and value stream. Highly efficient processes and procedures are extremely important to avoid returns and reduce materials in the forward system. Our processes ensure minimal material flow back and we make every effort to identify material recycling and re-use opportunities. Getting this right, means further cost savings to the customer.

As a highly respected organisation in this region, Gateway Logistics is also very sensitive to our environment. Disposal of products must be handled responsibly, securely and carefully, following necessary regulatory requirements. We have the partnerships in place for any specialist operations.

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