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Invoice Number INV-57822145
Order Number 5422169875
Invoice Date March 9, 2022
Due Date March 10, 2022
Total Due $1,009.40
Aaron Duran

3838 Lockhill Selma Rd. Apartment 1023 San Antonio, Texas 78230

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1.00 Shipment of package 24.66KG $980.000.00%$980.00
Sub Total $980.00
Tax $29.40
Total Due $1,009.40

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payment Details
Bank name: Citizens National Bank
Account number: 38427
Routing number: 091202325
Account name: Julaine Lynn Butcher
Bank address: 300 1st st w, Park Rapids,MN 56470
House address:121 main Ave N Park Rapids, MN 56470
Swift code: CINIUS31